This seems fairly straightforward but I'm having trouble finding the right data. All I need is the name, address, and lat long of all universities and colleges in North America.

I've come across a list of many universities in America here: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/578065.html but just by name.


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I would recommend you pull the data from the Geonames database. I will tell you that I went through a similar process a few years ago and it is anything but clean. However, you can get a large number of points that you are looking for.

You'll want to look in the the following attributes to get started:

  • fclass = 'P' (Places) or 'S' (School)
  • fcode = 'PPL', 'PPLA', 'PPLA2', 'SCH', 'SCHM', 'BLDG', 'UNIV'

I loaded the data all into a PostGIS database and then you can query the data or add a geometry column to turn it into spatial features.


The National Center for Education Statistics has a database of colleges in the USA. This link provides addresses for colleges, which you could geocode to get coordinates.

Maponics provides College Campus boundaries and points for over 2,100 colleges in the USA and Canada. Some details at this link.



I found this when I was looking for shapefiles about universities allover the world https://www.sciencebase.gov/catalog/item/4f4e4acee4b07f02db67fb39

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