I need a shape (or raster) soil map of Burundi. I have a .jpg physical soil map of the region in high quality, which I have imported into ArcMAP and georeferenced to the correct projection. In stead of creating hundreds of polygons myself by clicking, isn't there a possibility to classify the .jpg image based on its RGB values? Or is there a possibility to select regions of similar colour (in the jpg) and make a polygon out of it?

Suggestions welcome!


One solution to help automate the digitisation is to use the Arcscan tool-bar. It allows you clean up your raster image and to turn it into a two colour image. You then use the vectorization tools to effectively trace the border of your feature and create a polygon. There are Interactive and Automatic options which you can use depending on how many polygons you need to generate.

Interactive digitisation

This tutorial from ESRI gives a good step by step guide and was a useful starting point for me: ArcScan Tutorial

  • Thank you! that seems to be what I am looking for. Now getting it to work... – Dallasbarr Mar 19 '14 at 11:18

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