My question is similar to this question. I have two different data files.

Data1.csv (4500 rows)
GEOid                       GEOid2              Total Population    Urban   Rural
1000000US220019603001020    220019603001020     72                  0       72

Data2.csv (7000 rows)
Latitude    Longitude   ADT
30.48103    -92.61743   234

I want to get GEOid2 for each point (latitude, longitude) which I can do manually by using this API. This task will be then tiresome.

Is there any particular method by which I can use the list of latitude and longitude to get exact GEOid2 for each location point by using that API?

Finally I want my table like this.

Latitude    Longitude   ADT GEOid2            Total Population   Urban  Rural
30.48103    -92.61743   234 220019603001020   72                 0      72

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The Latitude and Longitude for each Census Block in Louisiana is available in the shapefile information for blocks in these files. Download the counties representing your state, bring them together into one file, and then extract just the GEOID and the lat and long coordinates.

Note: Actually, assuming you only need them in county 22001, just download the blocks for that county.

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