Does anyone know of any quality resources (books, papers, presentations, websites) for learning about 508 Compliance/Accessibility requirements in relation to cartography (GIS figures and templates)? This is also in relation to colorblindness and visually-impaired end users.

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One presumes you are already familiar with Section508.gov but those who may find this later may not be.

For general accessibility resources see The Accessibility Project although that is primarily focused on web accessibility.

For more cartographic specific accessibility tests consider the Colour Contrast Analyser and Vischeck.


colorbrewer will address colorblindness:
for web based, best bet is too follow w3c standards:
for native, you should reference the operators site, for example, i know ios a11y information is up on apple's site, and the same for microsoft


For those of you that may still be following this, I finally found some additional documentation on Section 508 Compliance that comes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. I would say this is a good follow-up to the above post from @jwd630.

Making Documents Section 508 Compliant

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