There are a few old packages that allow the creation of x-y scatter plots from attributes in vector data

(Scattergram for 1.7) http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/scattergrammidentify/

(SPQR for very early editions) http://www.maths.lancs.ac.uk/~rowlings/Software/Spqr/

But does anyone know of a package for 2.0 that would do this? or a way to rig up the old ones?



There are already many plugins which use the Python module matplotlib.

enter image description here

(Midvatten here)

If you know Python, it is not very difficult to use the Python console or a Python script in the Processing Toolbox.

enter image description here

In the same way, you can use a R script in the Processing Toolbox.

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  • could you provide any sample R scripts for the processing toolbox that do something similar? I'm not familiar enough to build something from scratch but could probably improvise given some building blocks. – Nick Mar 20 '14 at 21:17
  • Examine the provided examples. – gene Mar 20 '14 at 21:37
  • hmm. I seem to be running into this bug for R output: hub.qgis.org/issues/9203 although its happening on a 32bit installation of qgis. The outputs are all empty or are text pointing to a *.html.png file – Nick Mar 20 '14 at 23:01
  • sorry, I do not use Windows (and no problem for me) – gene Mar 22 '14 at 22:05

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