I have a question related to the Update method, in case the feature doesn't exists, the update method will generate a new feature? (i.e. will behave as Insert)?

Or maybe, in contrast, an insertion using an existing fid (feature id) will perform an update over this feature?

Thanks in advance.

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Just testes with a recent Geoserver 2.5 snapshot - update request with a fid that does not exist does not create a new feature - default fid handling in Geoserver is that server is creating the fid; it is taken from a sequence or if sequence is not defined the new fid will be Max(fid)+1.

Conclusion: Update does not behave as Insert, not Insert as Update. If you see such happening with Geoserver it is worth sending mail to geoserver-users mailing list because probably it is a bug.


The standard leaves that somewhat open to interpretation, although I would never expect an Update to result into an Insert or an Insert resulting in an Update. Especially in cases where the data is stored in a database this sort of behaviour is awkward and would require a good deal of extra code to implement.

To an Update on a non-existing feature I would expect an InvalidValue exception; to an Insert with an existing fid I would expect to get DuplicateStoredQueryIdValue. But each server implementation may respond in different ways.

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