I want to measure surface volume of an area in different elevation layer.

For measuring the surface volume I have to make a Polygon Volume as well. I have problem with making this polygon over the TIN layer and define the different elevation for it ? Like the link below:


for example I have a TIN surface which min contour is 25 m and max contour is 140 , then I want to measure all the surface above 25 m , 35 m and ... ! I just wonder how to make this polygon on top?

  • Do you really want to calculate the volume in a special area of interest (e.g. your TIN covers Europe but you want to calculate only in area of Norway)? Then use Surface Volume (3D Analyst). Or do you want to calculate the volume for the whole area (e.g. your TIN covers Europe and you want to calculate the volume in Europe)? Then use Polygon Volume (3D Analyst). – Jens Mar 28 '14 at 6:47
  • Sorry, I've swapped the tools. Correct is this: Calculate in special area of interrest: Polygon Volume (3D Analyst). Calculate for whole TIN: Surface Volume (3D Analyst). – Jens Mar 28 '14 at 7:00
  • Yes, I just want to calculate 1 km* 1 km area in Norway. I have a clipped DEM, then made a TIN ,and also made a contour layer.Now I want to overlay a Polygon on TIN surface to cut the area in different elevation. I know all the tools , but just wonder the way that I made a polygon is correct or not? I made a separate polygon shape file in Arc Map. I add it in Arc Scene. Need someone to tell me is it correct or no ? – user28541 Mar 28 '14 at 11:37
  • thanks for your answer i am interested to know how to automate it with ModellBuilder or Pyhton? what would be the easiest solution? (i am not very confident in programming...) thank you! – user62959 Nov 25 '15 at 14:29

All you need is your (clipped) TIN. You do not need a polygon (or contour lines).

You have to execute Surface Volume (3D Analyst) tool several times.

  1. Use Surface Volume (3D Analyst) with reference_plane = above and base_z = 25. You get the volume above 25 meter.
  2. Run tool again with base_z = 35. You get the volume above 35 meter.
  3. Run tool again with base_z = 45. You get the volume above 45 meter.
  4. ...

(You can automate it with Modell Builder or Python.)

enter image description here

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