I am a beginner and I need information about GTFS editors. I want to create routes,trips,patterns,etc... and export it to GTFS-format.

I have setup locally two GTFS editors:

In TransitDataFeeder we need to create each file seperately through UI. I have created a sample agency and created a trip,route and exported it but its not containing the trips and as per my experience TransitDataFeeder does not meet my requirements for creating and editing GTFS.

I have setup conveyal-GTFS-Editor locally and trying to create new route in which its not possible to create trips using timetable option. I don't have experience with the play framework. I am trying to debug it but not able to solve it.

From above two, conveyal-gtfs-editor appears to meet my requirements but it is also in development phase so having problems as I saw in this blog .

So I am looking for best alternative to conveyal-gtfs-editor or need help to resolve conveyal-gtfs-editor with use time-table functionality.


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A list GTFS Editors I've looked at. If I have to recommend, I'd say go for the commercial ones.

(1) Free GTFS Editors

  • TransitFeed A Python library for reading, validating, and writing transit schedule information in the GTFS format. Not really a GTFS Editor, but very useful to make sure the GTFS feed you are editing is sane. Many GTFS Editor shows insane result when the GTFS feed has validation errors. Download from TransitFeed latest releases.
  • XLS Tools for GTFS excel spreadsheet, Bob Heitzman. Free.
  • GTFS Builder web and excel spreadsheet, National RTAP & The Marcy Jaffe Company, US. Free only for US transit agencies?
  • WikiTimetable / Gee web based, Mark Lester, UK, request to try. Alpha version.
  • yTransit web based, yPass US. Free? Alpha version. Blog posts about it, June 2009 and July 2011
  • TransLoc Architect web and map based, from US. Apply for free account. Create, update, manage, validate, export GTFS.
  • Static GTFS Manager GUI interface for creating, editing, exporting of static GTFS data for a public transit authority.

(2) Commercial GTFS Editors

(3) Developers-friendly GTFS Editors


I've created a design doc for a GTFS feed creator whose inputs would be simpler tables of stops and routes. Looking for coders to make it happen; welcome for anyone to join in. https://github.com/datameet-pune/datameet-pune.github.io/wiki/Project:-GTFS-feed-creation

Update, Apr 2018: Made it! static GTFS Manager: https://github.com/WRI-Cities/static-GTFS-manager.

USP: Works plug-and-play on a windows laptop, no installations needed.


We have developed the AddTransit GTFS editor (https://addtransit.com) specifically for small to mid size public transit and transportation companies. This is a commercial GTFS editor and is hosted on the cloud, so there is no installation or IT expertise required by the user.


I have developing this http://gee.chalo.org.uk code at https://github.com/mark-lester/Stretchsoft

If you want to help me debug I would be most grateful. If you want to join in developing even better.

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