I have some animal tracking data in the form of a polyline shapefile and want to convert this to a raster so that each pixel is given a value of 1 for every instance in which a line crosses it. I've tried using Feature to Raster in ArcMap, with the Field specified to a field in which every line has a value of 1, but this only produces a raster with all pixels of "1" value, there is no consideration of the density of lines. I've also used Line Density, but this is taking into account lines within the radius of each pixel rather than only within the pixel.


the workaround is to work in vector analysis.

You can create a fishnet with squares of the size of your cells, then you use spatial join(with "JOIN_ONE_TO_ONE" option) to get the count of the lines. At the end you can convert the vector grid to a raster.

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