I am looking for ideas/libraries that enable snapping when I create a circle with leaflet draw. There is the libaray Leaflet snap, that enables snapping of draggable markers to polylines and other layers. But I am looking for an option to snap to markers when creating a circle. So basically create a circle around the marker.
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I've created a function which does this for me.

  function mapToPosition(position){
    lon = position.coords.longitude;
    lat = position.coords.latitude;

    var marker = new L.Marker([lat,lon],{title: "Not at the right spot? Drag me!"}).addTo(map);

    marker.on('dragend', function(e){
      var coords = e.target.getLatLng();
      var lat = coords.lat;
      var lon = coords.lng;
      cir = L.circle([lat,lon],1000).addTo(map).bindPopup("Area within 1km of your point.");

    cir = L.circle([lat,lon],1000).addTo(map);

I hope that helps!

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