I know that Esri has exposed many properties to the arcpy lib for publishing services. I need to publish a tiled/cached map service but I need to set the min/max scale when I do that. Can this be accomplished via Python code? I don't see it as a property on the help page of the CreateMapSDDraft script. Is it just not supported or am I doing something wrong?


These are the basic steps I've taken to create a cached map service using Python:

  1. arcpy.mapping.CreateMapSDDraft() tool creates the service definition draft;
  2. arcpy.server.StageService() creates the publishable service definition file;
  3. arcpy.server.UploadServiceDefinition() uploads the SD to the map servers;
  4. arcpy.server.CreateMapServerCache() sets the cache parameters, including map scales, for the map service;
  5. arcpy.server.ManageMapServerCacheTiles() starts the caching process.

The arcpy.server.ManageMapServerCacheScales() tool can be used to alter the caching scales but I find it easier to delete and recreate.

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