I'm working with qgis, v. 2.0.1. I have some points from a gps device (Garmin) and they already are in the .gpx format. Now I have two problems: First, I can't open the gps-Points with the "gpx-tools" plugin by simply choosing "load gpx file". I always have to use the gpx-converter, otherwise the points don't appear in the map window. But actually it should work with "load gpx file", shouldn't it? The second problem is that I want to change the coordinate reference system of the points from WGS84-EPSG:4326 to CH1903/LV03-EPSG:21781. But as soon as I do this, the points disappear...What can I do? Thanks.

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For your first problem, make sure the point layer is loaded in WGS84. You can also use Add vector layer to load GPX files.

If you want the points in another CRS, don't use SET CRS for layer. The right way is to save the data with Rightclick -> Save As ... and choose the wanted CRS and another file format like shapefile.

GPX is always treated as WGS84.


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