To say it upfront: This is a question that has already come up before in Stack Overflow but did not provide a manageable and legal solution for my problem (see below).

I have a database (in STATA format) of around 1,3 million addresses in Germany with street name, house number, zip code and city stored separately in different variables. For each of those I need the longitude and latitude which I then want to store in a (local) database and use later on in a statistical analysis (in the context of a research project). Note that this is a one-time request for each of those addresses!

Essentially, this poses four requirements on the service to be used:

  1. It needs to cover Germany (in particular its rural areas)
  2. It needs to be sufficiently exact, i.e. I am willing to take the imprecision of around 100m relative to the object placed at the corresponding address, preferably less of course
  3. My usage needs to comply with the terms of services
  4. It should be for free or the price should be reasonable / It should take a reasonable time to obtain the data (<= 4 weeks)

Before I look into licenses for commercial usage, I want to get an overview of free / reasonable priced services. Seen against this background, the third condition seems to rule out the big players like Google and Yahoo since they do not allow to store the data (see also discussion in GIS SE at Geocode address once in google maps, save in database, read geocoded result from there on).

I checked with an employee of Google Germany who claimed they would charge 10,000 EUR (which appears to be way too high, though).

Do any services come to your mind that suit those requirements? If so, do program codes exists to collect and store the data?

I have also raised this question in Stack Overflow where it was put on hold. Since I did not find restrictions for this kind of "preference question" for the GIS Q&A section, I am posting it here.

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    In our Help you will find two categories that will I think cause your Question to have a question mark over it: too broad and primarily opinion-based. In particular, I think it is too broad because you are providing a list of requirements and asking for SE GIS users to throw up ideas for a solution. If the Question were "Can X meet this requirement Y" it would be fine but "Can anything meet requirements A-D" is too broad for me. – PolyGeo Apr 2 '14 at 9:58
  • I think the answer at SE (before it was closed) has some excellent suggestions for your problem although it is not proposing a ready-to-use service, but the usage of a private instance of Nominatim. (You should at least consider not using a web service for this kind of task.) However, I see that a more precise definition of "(2) sufficient correctness" could help to narrow down the options a little bit. – lavarider Apr 2 '14 at 12:55
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    PolyGeo, thank you for your response. However, I am not aware of the difference to the question posed in the first linked thread (which, according to your definition, then is an opinion-based question as well). lavarider, I had a decent look at the OSM, however I was unhappy with the coverage of Germany. A major fraction of the addresses containted in my database are in the rural areas for which OSM seems to have a poor coverage. Contrary to Google, it could not identify the geodata of an exact address for a couple of samples. Concerning your criticism, I will edit my question accordingly. – Jhonny Apr 2 '14 at 14:26
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    It is absolutely ridiculous that this question has been put on-hold. It's a clear question - the user needs to geocode large numbers of points in Germany without restrictions on storing the results. I can't think of any forum more appropriate than gis.stackexchange for this kind of question. Where else is the user supposed to ask a question like this? – Open Door Logistics Feb 17 at 0:29
  • Because I solved it 4 years ago using OSM, I no longer really care about this question. Though I put effort into making this question as precise as possible and thus do not really see your concerns with this question, especially because you neither give concrete arguments nor respond to my comment, I am happy to delete this question. I am afraid that such policies scare away users, though. – Jhonny Feb 17 at 11:20

Geocode.xyz is free and covers Germany: http://geocode.xyz/DE (both forward and reverse geocoding)


You can use our service geo.io at the moment for free for unlimited geocoding in Germany.

Our data are also based on OpenStreetMap. The response time is very low (~50ms)and you can do batch geocoding (10k geocodings with one request).

Update (02.11.2018): The tool is out of services.


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