I'm working on a webservice in ArcObjects 9.3. It works fine when deployed on IIS, but when I try to debug some unit tests I keep getting the same error:

The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)

The error occurs when calling the CreateFeatureClass(..) method throught the IDataset interface.

public void CreateOutputFeatureClass(string featureClassName)
        var masterFeatureClass = Helpers.GetMaster(Session, ServerContext);
        IFeatureClassDescription fcDesc = new FeatureClassDescriptionClass();
        var ocDesc = (IObjectClassDescription)fcDesc;
        var featureDataset = featureWorkspace.OpenFeatureDataset(Session.Dataset);
        featureDataset.CreateFeatureClass(featureClassName, masterFeatureClass.Fields, ocDesc.InstanceCLSID,
            ocDesc.ClassExtensionCLSID, esriFeatureType.esriFTSimple, masterFeatureClass.ShapeFieldName, "");            

Based on other posts I have been reading about this error this has something to do with user permission, but I am not sure.


This issue was caused by this line of code:

IFeatureClassDescription fcDesc = new FeatureClassDescriptionClass();

I should have created that object within the ServerContext. In my code sample above I created the feature class description outside the serverContext and used it to create a feature class in a feature dataset that was created within the serverContext. This conflicted and was perceived as a remote procedure (cfr. Error message).

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