I am trying to load a local KML file to the map for this I am using FileReader object (File API). To use google.maps.KmlLayer I need to use readAsDataURL to transform to a URL the file, the problem is that KML File is not loading to the map and I don't get any error. I think may be url attribute in KmlLayer doesn't accept data url.

This is the code:

gp.addEventListeners = function(){
  $("#file-upload").change(function (evt){
      var file  = evt.target.files[0]; // FileList object
      var reader = new FileReader();

      reader.onloadend = function () {
         var ctaLayer = new google.maps.KmlLayer({
          url: reader.result

      if (file) {

In OpenLayes the same code is working.

What I can do? I need help :(

Sorry for my English.


Save the file in server then get the fullpath of the file. Assign fullpath to KmlLayer constructor

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