In the frame of an international project in agriculture monitoring, I have to propose a mobile app that will be used as a reference for field working. The minimum requirements of such an application are:

  • visualize the real time geo-location on a background map or satellite image (manually uploaded)
  • possibility to pinpoint and label the crop type (i.e. add a vector layer with attribute via forms)
  • possibility to work offline (i.e. loading the background image in memory)
  • multi-platform (phone/tablet, Android(priority)/iOS...)
  • free

Several apps have already been identified (Geowiki pictures, GIS cloud, Poimapper, Wolf-GIS, GeoODK collect, Opendatakit, Geopaparazzi, GeoNode, ESRI ArcGIS) but none of them (at least at this point of the analysis) completly fulfilled the requirements. Do you have other suggestions ?


GeoODK, is a good solution. It is currently being used for agg monitoring by geoglam. Its nice because you can take your maps offline with you as well as other layers. Also you can collect polygon as well as points and other spatial features. A new release was just launched. Check it out. geoodk.com

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