I have developed a custom model using ModelBuilder in ArcGIS, and I would like to use a .NET Base Command to open the geoprocessor parameter window for this tool so the user can enter their parameters, same behavior as if I were double-clicking it in ArcToolbox, as opposed to just executing it programmatically without user interaction. Is this possible?


Very similarly to this answer, you can open a tool's dialog with the code below. The code sample opens up the dialog for the "Symmetrical Difference" tool, but you can use your model's name instead of "SymDiff".

        // _app is an IApplication reference (e.g. ArcMap or ArcCatalog app)
        var arcToolBoxExtension = _app.FindExtensionByName("ESRI ArcToolbox") as IArcToolboxExtension;

        if (arcToolBoxExtension != null)
            var arcToolBox = arcToolBoxExtension.ArcToolbox;
            var gpTool = arcToolBox.GetToolbyNameString("SymDiff");
            if (gpTool != null) arcToolBox.InvokeTool(_app.hWnd, gpTool, null, false);

Petr has shown the answer, which is the GetToolbyName property on IArcToolbox. You can also refer to the SDK manual which will help you navigate the SDK:


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