What would be the most efficient way to export attribute tables from multiple feature class files stored in a file geodatabase? Export to .txt or .csv. Is there any sort of batch process? Or python script?

I have hundreds of files within this geodatabase and really need to automate this process.


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With Python, you can use arcpy.ListDatasets to create an object to loop through all the features in your file geodatabase, setting the workspace to the geodatabase first. Then, for each feature use arcpy.MakeTableView_management to create a table view that can then be used by arcpy.TableToExcel_conversion to export the tables to Excel. All of these documentation pages should provide you with enough code snippets to get you there.


I just came across CopyRows_management() to convert shapefile attribute tables to csv. For example:

import arcpy
my_shp = 'lat_lon.shp'
out_csv = 'points.csv'

arcpy.CopyRows_management(my_shp, out_csv)
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    – mgri
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    A good answer should include not only what to use, but also how to use it. Please edit your answer to expand on how to use the copyrows_management().
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