Is there a way to set relative path for image elements (like a company logo) in ArcMap projects? The classic "Store relative path" option in the Map Properties doesn't seem to be working. Thanks!


I had thought that the normal store relative path covered images, however I think this may be what you are after:

Right click your image and go to properties, and then tick the save image as part of document (see below). This should then stop it losing the path, and keep the image with the .mxd

Save image as part of doucment

  • Thanks, I was thinking to do that. But seen that I have to do this operation for hundreds of MXD I would prefer a methodology that doesn't affect the final size of the MXD files. But it is a good workaround, thank you!
    – Andreampa
    Apr 8 '14 at 15:06

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