I am able to easily consume unsecured ArcGIS for Server (AGS) services in Google Earth (GE), but not secured services.

I have created a KML Link in AGS Manager with no luck, and added the service manually as a link in GE with the same result.

The service is added to GE but a red circle is displayed when the service refreshes.

Has anyone been able to do this successfully?

  • do you have any ability in GE to specify a token or proxyURL for the secured service?
    – MC5
    Apr 8 '14 at 18:53

According to the ESRI article "FAQ: Can a secured KML service be displayed in Google Earth?", you cannot connect Google Earth to secure web services.

No, a secured ArcGIS for Server Keyhole Markup Language (KML) service cannot be displayed in Google Earth. Only KML services created from unsecured map services are accessible in Google Earth. Last Modified: 2/7/2017


You can append the token to the link with the layers.

Example: https://myserver:6443/arcgis/services///MyService/MapServer/KmlServer?Composite=false&compatibilityMode=GoogleEarth&LayerIDs=0&token=THE_TOKEN

To generate the token in the first place, you can go to: https://myserver:6443/arcgis/tokens/generateToken

This is a bit brittle though. In Google Earth 7.1, if you look at the properties of the Network Link and click Cancel, the token gets removed from the link with the layers.

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