I want to load Shapefile in Flexviewer 2.2

Any sample would help a lot.


Here is the same widget updated for flex 2.2, linked in Simon Jackson's solution on the resource center.
Load Shape file flex viewer 2.2

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Not tested this, but this widget could do what you want:

DESCRIPTION: To Allow the user to select any shape file in zip format (that is example.shp – for geometry and example.dbf - for Attributes, are only files to be zipped) and display over the current Map as graphics. Actually it creates a custom geometry to take advantage of the coordinate array format in the shapefile reducing the impedance and taking advantage of the compression. This an array of x,y,x,y,etc... That’s all; it can then be rendered with any symbol.

ASSUMPTIONS: Only Polygon shape file to be added is allowed as current limitation but for sure libraries are ready that are open to be extended and customized as you want.

I also remember reading Mansour's blog (Heads up Esri Flex team) and he has a post on how to achieve this in a native Flex app.

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