I have a point layer and need to draw a line passing through or in the vicinity of the points (up to 0.5m ditance between the point and the line). The nodes of the line will recieve the attributes of the points closest to them.


The simplest way is to use the points to create the line. To do this in QGIS use the Points2One plugin. Install this plugin (available via Plugins->Manage and install plugins) and follow the dialog to create a line from your points.

Points2One window

If you have multiple lines, then make sure your points data has a suitable ID field to identify the lines they belong to.

Alternatively you can use v.build.polylines in GRASS (available through QGIS) or the SAGA GIS tool Convert points to line(s) Available through the Processing toolbox.

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    The Points2One plugin is not available for the current release of QGIS (3.4.4). – Valerie Anderson Feb 18 at 16:50

To create polygons from points,you can also use 1) "points to path", then 2 ) "lines to polygons" tools without need to install any plugin

  • Where do you find the "points to path" tool? – Udi Jun 2 '18 at 18:10
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    Go to processing and click Toolbox or "Ctrl + Alt +T" to search tools , then type "Points to path" and you will see the tool. – ncelik Jun 3 '18 at 20:36
  • Not available in 2.8.6-Wien – Grzegorz Oledzki Mar 6 at 15:48

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