I have two tables, boundary polygon table and location point table. I need to find all boundary polygons that contain at least 1 location point. What is the proper way to do this in PostGIS?

I tried:

FROM boundary, location
WHERE ST_Intersects(boundary.geom, location.geom)

But this returns each combination of boundary and location that intersect, when all I want is the boundary returned once. For example, I got 76 results, but only have 10 boundary entries. Do you know a better way to do this?


Would be more efficient with EXISTS I think since it can stop after first positive. Though Martin's answer should work as well

SELECT boundary.*
  FROM boundary
 WHERE EXISTS (SELECT location.geom 
   FROM location 
    WHERE ST_Intersects(boundary.geom,location.geom) );

Try something like this

SELECT DISTINCT ON (boundary.id) boundary.*
FROM boundary, location
WHERE ST_Intersects (boundary.geom, location.geom)

[paul ramsey made an improvement, but forgot the I in ID]

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