I have the Wacom Intuos 4 Large tablet which I use occasionally outside of ArcGIS. I now need to digitize a large volume of polygons from aerial imagery and am finding the tablet's ArcGIS functionality cumbersome.

The pen tip works fine in a regular mode where I tap it to create a vertex (albeit far too easy to mistakenly engage a double click) but I would like to be able to delineate features as if I were doing it on paper - a fluid hand motion. I turned on streaming and set it to 5 map units which is OK but when I reach a point where I need to lift and reposition my hand on the tablet or pan the page while still digitizing, streaming does not stop when I lift the pen from the tablet. Ideally, I would like the streaming to behave exactly as it does in Google Earth - streaming pauses when the tip is lifted and resumes when a pressure is again applied to the tip. GE also generalizes sketches on completion not while sketching as ArcMap does - this makes the finished product simple but precise.

Alternatively, I used ArcMap's Tablet toolbar which streams beautifully to produce "ink" sketches. However, when I lift the pen from the surface, line is interrupted and while this is fine for polylines, the line interruptions create artifacts when creating polygons.

How to I set up ArcMap Editor streaming so that streaming pauses when I lift the pen tip from the tablet's surface?


How can I draw an ink sketch and pause drawing when the pen is lifted and have the sketch resume in a new location where the pen touches the surface?


How can I draw an ink sketch and snap to another ink sketch start/end node?

I am off to give it this a try in QGIS...

  • This question deals with streaming and freehand but some related issues are covered here – Jakub Sisak GeoGraphics Apr 17 '14 at 18:49

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