I'm trying to create a new table in CartoDB.

  1. I click New Table
  2. I click the Google Drive data tab
  3. I click the connect with gdrive button
  4. At this point it seems to be automatically logging in to the wrong Google Drive account.

Is there a way to reset that so I can get into the right account?

I'm trying to marry up my table with a Google spreadsheet.


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Currently we don't have a way to manually revoke datasource oauths from GDrive or Dropbox from the Web Mapping Tool, but we do detect when the user has remotely revoked access to a service.

So what you can do is revoke the permission/access from your Google Account and then grant access to the correct acc.:

Account -> Security -> Account Permissions -> View All -> "Connect your Google Drive data with CartoDB" -> "Revoke Access" button

For example, I have it here (your URL might vary if you're logged in with multiple accounts): https://security.google.com/settings/u/0/security/permissions?hl=en

Hope it helps!

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