I am looking for a good app that can do one or many of my below listed requirements. They are listed with the most fundamental functions first. Preferably the app can do all of it, but it should at least pass the first requirements.

  • Have track logger and capability of making own POI
  • Use offline maps to display position/track/POI using OSM or something else
  • For the twist: I want to use the app for outdoor surveying of habitat/wildlife. Where a POI is recorded I want to be able to select habitat/species from a list of predefined values, so I dont need to type in the value myself. Later I want to export that information into a shapefile and build up a database with observations.

I have not been looking into it too much, but I think ArcMap collector could do this? But I am looking for a free app to easy distribute it to volunteers etc.

Any ideas for this?


Open Data Kit combined with ODK Collect is perfect for the field survey portion of your question. It is free and open-source software. ODK Aggregate is the server component where your data will be stored. ODK Collect is the app you'll install on the Android phone of each volunteer. This video is a great overview of the Open Data Kit suite of tools. Go to build.opendatakit.org and begin making a form to see all of the data types that may be collected.

I've used OsmAnd just a bit for offline OSM map access.

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I think the app called Oruxmaps is right for you

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