I have interpolated some SO2 data using IDW and have calculated means on county level using Zonal Statistics. I would like to convert this data now into an excel file. I already got the hint, that I should use the Conversion Tool and Table to Excel. However, I can only convert the two tables I have imported from shape files. That is the map with the counties and the data with SO2 values and measuring stations. Do I have to convert the values I obtained from Zonal Statistics?

I hope I was able to describe my problem sufficiently.

I am using ArcMap.

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Use "zonal statistics as table" and not "zonal statistics" if you want a table as output. The resulting table will be visible when you set your table of content to "listing by source". Then you can use Table to Excel.

  • Thanks, it works a lot better with using zonal statistics as table!
    – coolcats
    Apr 22, 2014 at 8:15

In ArcMap, you can export any table of attribute data to a separate table. Right-click on the feature of interest (your Zonal Statistics output, in this case), and select "Open Attribute Table." In the table view, click the Table Options button (top left-most button) and find "Export..." and then you'll be able to export just the table of data.

Once you export the table to "text" (actually a CSV file, but it will have a .txt extension), it is then very straightforward to import into Excel.

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