Anyone know how to generate a street index for a map with accompnaying page numbers that are data driven? I am use the toolbox for creating the street index but exports to PDF however I need it to be in a csv file or excel. I have converted the PDF created file into excel but it is too messy and difficult to clean.


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For other's clarification, the tool you are referring to is custom written for a toolbox included with the Fire Run Book. I do not know the specifics of the tool, but it is written only to output a PDF. It might be possible for someone to modify it, but that would be beyond me.

However, a quick search returned the following method, taken from this ESRI Knowledgebase article.

  1. Intersect the streets feature class with the map grid index feature class using the Spatial join tool.

  2. Use the streets layer as the Target Features and the map grid index layer as the Join Features. Set the Join Operation to One-to-Many. Leave the rest of the options as default. A new feature class is created.

  3. Open the new feature class' attribute table and add a new text field.

  4. Concatenate the Street Name and the PageNumber fields (Field Calculate using [NAME]& "-"& [PageNumber]).

  5. Summarize based on the new field. (In the open attribute table, right click the concatenated field and select Summarize.) Doing this removes the duplicate entries. Select any other summarizations that might be helpful.

  6. Open the created dbf file in Excel and make changes as needed. Print or convert this table to the desired format and add it to the Map Book.

There is also a script tool at the KB link above that could be used/modified. There is a slightly different method outlined in an Esri blog post from 2007 called Creating street name indexes. Additionally, if you have access to the Production Mapping extension there is a tool called Create Index Table that can do it.

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