I wish to show a map layer in a browser based tool such as Openlayers or Leaflet however my tiles are projected isometrically. Has anybody done this before?

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This map by mapbox does it the best way I've seen Bike Share Map.

MapBox Bike Share

That tilts the whole map, though, and you might just want to render isometric tiles. I have no idea how they did it, I assume it's a combination of WebGl, magic and hard work.

The Minecrafter plugin for a Minecraft server does isometric tiles, but it's just a normal Leaflet map with fancy rendering. You could achieve the same thing by using building footprints and their height, for example.


Final example is a little leaflet plugin that extrudes stuff, I have an example here with real data Leaflet 3d Buildings. Code is here: maps.gcc 3d buildings.

Glenorchy City Council's 3d Buildings example


I guess you intend something like http://maps.osm2world.org/

The wiki page should give you some guidance on how to render the tiles:



Andre's solution works if you want to reproject the tiles, however I wished to retain my isometric projection. Here's a way using leaflet:

Instead of creating a single layer, add an imageOverlay layer for each tile. When the page is loaded or moved, check map bounds and add/remove layers as necessary.

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