I have some application settings (Windows/QGIS v2.0) that I would like to pass to other users (such as those settings defined under Settings menu>Options>Rendering tab).

In ArcGIS they are stored in a Normal.mxt file located:


I suspect in QGIS they may be stored in qgis.db located here:


but I do not know for sure.

Where are these application settings file(s) stored?


The settings on Windows are stored in the registry:


As Jakob said, you could convert to using an ini file and start QGIS with the appropriate option to use it instead of registry settings.

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One way would be to use a QGIS.ini file for your settings by adding --optionspath and/or --configpath to your QGIS shortcut.

See more here: https://nathanw.net/2014/02/24/keeping-qgis-settings-in-sync-on-different-machines/

Beaware depending of you setting, that your settings will return to scratch.

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