In Qt-Designer I created a custom form where I can choose serveral species names in two different combo boxes. This combo boxes are linked via "value relation" to the accordant non spatial tables (gattung and art) in my SpatiaLite database. The whole species name consists of "gattung" and "art". Because these tables ("gattung" and "art") contain a lot of species names (latin) wich one can choose I think about an eased editing feature.

1) I'd like to generate an autocompletion when entering the first 3 characters into a line edit (instead of a combo box) for "gattung" so that on can choose only these species that beginns for example with "Que" from a list.

2) When I've chosen a name that matches with these 3 characters for example "Que" for "Quercus", in the second field "art" only valide names can be chosen. For example "petrea" ore "robur" as a subset of the whole "art-names" which one can choose. Valide names are "Quercus robur" or "Quercus petrea". This could be done via line edit when entering 4 characters or with a combo box.

I thought about python and a lettercode (Quepetr for Quercus petrea) to solve this but doesn't know where to start and also where to enter the code for the widgets in QT-Designer.

I'm grateful for any help or idea!

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  • better asked in stackoverflow? stackoverflow.com/questions/466143/… – vinayan Apr 23 '14 at 8:51
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    We have had quite a couple of similar questions before (concerning programming/API rather than spatial problems). I think this question should not be treated differently, especially as part of it is closely related to the QGIS forms capabilities and therefore can profit from specific QGIS knowledge in an answer. – Matthias Kuhn Apr 23 '14 at 11:14
  • I agree, I spend more time building API's and simple interfaces so that coworkers without specific GIS education can attribute and update features from within a GIS system and/or viewer. – Tyler Veinot Sep 19 '16 at 19:41

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