I am trying to get MongoDB working with GeoServer. I am using the BoundlessGeo Suite (comes with GeoServer and other tools) I was able to find the MongoDB extension for GeoServer. Got it installed according to these instructions:

Getting MongoDB Working with GeoServer

I found this version of the extension: http://repo.opengeo.org/org/geotools/gt-mongodb/12-SNAPSHOT/

I am able to see MongoDB as an option in the Data Store Menu. MongoDB is also installed on the server locally for testing. I was able to create a database without much issue.

After putting in the Data Store Settings, I attempt to upload a shapefile using GeoExplorer when I get the following error:

"Name is required for PropertyType"

When I searched for the error I found almost no results but what I did find seemed to indicate that I needed to make an XML file to designate where the Mongo Info is. I would just have no idea about what needs to go in that file or where it needs to go.


Kind of stuck and wondering if anybody else out there was able to get it to work on any of their setup.

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