This is likely a simple question that I just can't seem to answer.

I am plotting some surveys in AutoCad Map3D but I simply can't figure out how to draw an arc using survey coordinates.

The large majority of my surveys are straight lines which I input as [@distance, bearing] which works fine. How do I use arc coordinates (Arc,Radius,Bearing,Distance) supplied by the surveyor in my plotting?

I should mention that I am using shapefiles and creating new polygon features to store my boundaries.


Arc's are straight forward:

enter image description here

This can be done interactively or set in the command line following the prompts.

Using AutoCAD 2012 Map 3D here in AutoCAD Classic Mode (not ribbon).


For Survey Coordinates follow the guide: http://www.cadtutor.net/tutorials/autocad/survey-data.php

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  • I should have mentioned that I am using shapefiles and creating new polygon features for my layer to build the boundaries. I don't think this method would work? – rspencer38 Apr 24 '14 at 13:54
  • Shapefiles do not support arcs only native dwg/dxf/dng do. – Mapperz Apr 24 '14 at 13:57
  • Hmmm... You can draw Arc's in ArcMap for shapefiles though can't you? So there is no way to draw a curved line using shapefiles in AutoCad? – rspencer38 Apr 24 '14 at 14:06

My CAD is a little rusty and I don't have it installed to test, but the method I used to use is similar to what Mapperz linked to. I do remember doing it without ever leaving the polyline command (ie drawing the chord bearing as a line then using its endpoints to draw the arc as a separate command). It's possible this method is no longer valid, and I've been using ArcGIS a lot lately to do this so my CAD memory may be confused (hence I won't type out specific steps).

I do not know what impact working in a shape file would have, but drawing and storing are two different things. In ArcGIS you can draw a curve in a shapefile using the tools, but when you finish sketch it gets converted to straight segments as Mapperz points out.

You might also look at the COGOEDITOR or Traverse tools. I found a AutoDesk forum post on the subject, though it doesn't address 'in a shapefile'. There were also several promising sections of the AutoCAD help file, but without that version of the software available I am unable to test.

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