I have QGIS 2.2 running on a Mac with iOS Maverick.

I have prepared a map with layers with different CRS, including a Bing OpenLayers as base layer. The project has the 'On the fly coordinate correction' option activated, and it works OK, although sometimes things go out of position, but nothing a refresh from a pan doesn't solve.

Paraphrasing part of question #51986: "Sometimes when changing the scale (scrolling in and out) the [Bing] layer updates (...) wrong in (...) position compared to the polygon layer. But as soon as I "pan" the map everything reconstructs right. Now the problem I have concerns the print composer."

"The result of any kind of export - pdf, or image or svg - of my map (vector layer + [Bing] layer in the background) differs from what is shown in the preview of the print composer: the vector layer and the Google layer positions are mismatching (...)"

Could this be related to On the fly correction?

Any ideas?

Screen capture from QGIS 2.2, with layers correctly aligned Screen capture from PDF created with QGIS Composer, showing the misaligned Bing layer

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