Very frustrating little issue in ArcGIS 10.1 -- I have a referenced mosaic dataset of terrain data that has a series of functions inserted (slope and several iterations of a statistics function to simplify and smooth the resulting mosaic). When I export the project to a .ai file (OR even the data as a .tif), the resulting .ai or .tif file produces my slope image WITHOUT the functions (i.e. unsmoothed).

Anybody think of anything i might not have tried to make it work? Why would it display the mosaic with the functions running on the screen, but not the graphics without it?

  • Are you applying these functions on the raster layer? – Aaron Apr 24 '14 at 21:27
  • Aaron, I inserted the functions to the mosaic dataset (resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#/…). So yes, they are applied on the rendered raster I see on my screen, but the exported images are produced without running these functions, i.e. original unsmoothed data. – sara Apr 24 '14 at 21:52
  • What functions are you using? You can often use other methods such as running a 3x3 mean moving window over the image to achieve a smoothing effect. – Aaron Apr 24 '14 at 22:04
  • Sara, did you ever find a solution? I am having the same problem. I don't understand why I cannot save the rasters with the functions applied. I have tried every which way, and can only export the rasters one at a time via the Image Analysis workflow. I have hundreds of images and really want to find a way to export the functions using geoprocessing tools in model builder. – user51812 May 9 '15 at 18:18

I would recommend one of two approaches using ArcGIS.

  1. A 3x3 low pass smoothing filter using Filter (Spatial Analyst)
  2. A moving window approach using a mean or median statistic in a 3x3 neighborhood Focal Statistics (Spatial Analyst)
  • Thanks Aaron! -- I just prefer the mosaic functions because my mosaic covers much of the Andes, so it's great to run the focal stats function on the fly rather than on a giant Andean-scale raster mosaic. Alas... I'll clip out little bits and run the focal stats on those. Still can't figure out why it wouldn't work though; I did the same thing last month and it worked just fine! – sara Apr 25 '14 at 2:10

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