I want to use TIMESAT software to analyse time series MODIS NDVI data. Firstly, I use MRT tool to mosaic,subset and project MODIS NDVI data and output data as GEOTIFF format, and save as ENVI standard using ENVI software. secondly, using TSM_imageview to display the image file, and the result is ok. then i use TSM_GUI to open list of image files, the problem is arising--"Error while evaluating uimenu Callback" .enter image description here

so, if anyone knows the answer, please help me, thanks a lot!

  • Did you solve this problem? if so, please write the solution. Thank you. – Bandrush Barda Apr 28 '14 at 12:29
  • Did you found the error cause? – KLEBER TRABAQUINI Apr 12 '17 at 14:22

It seems, on the first line of image files' list there is no total number of those files. Or there is a wrong number.

Please, check the list of image files.

enter image description here

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