Here´s the problem: I have about 40 shapefiles of contour lines (type line) and I need to interpolate them to create DEM's (tiff, or better some grid format). To do so, some batch scripting would be nice but I just can't figure out a good way.

I could do it with the batch tools of QGIS (GRASS v.bspline would do the job), but I would need to set the parameters for EACH single run. Not very slick at all. So I tried to do it with SAGA CMD in a bash script, but the problem is that the interpolation function needs the input of the area extension and I don't really know how to code that again.

It´s my first real contact with coding for GIS or Python but I've programmed before in Matlab and know some Linux bash stuff so that should not be too much of a problem.

So can anyone help me with a simple way to batch script basically what the Interpolation Plugin of QGIS does?


Here's a (very raw!) script for use in GRASS to process a shapefile and create a DEM tile. Four requirements:

  1. You must be in a GRASS session to run this
  2. You must have a GRASS location setup that matches the CRS of the shapefiles
  3. You must have the resolution set to a reasonable number in GRASS's region settings
  4. The contours shapefile needs an elevation column named "level" here

    #!/usr/bin/env python

    Interpolate a dem from a line shapefile
    The shapefile name is passed on the command line
    It must have a column named "level" with elevation values 
    import os, sys
    import grass.script as grass
    if "GISBASE" not in os.environ:
        print "You must be in GRASS GIS to run this program."
    if len(sys.argv) < 2:
        print 'No shapefile specified'
    # Get shapefile name on command line
    shp_path    = sys.argv[1]
    shp         = os.path.basename(shp_path)
    ctour_orig  = os.path.splitext(shp)[0].lower()
    ctour       = ctour_orig.replace(' ','_')
    ctour_rast  = ctour + '_rast'
    dem_tile    = ctour + '_dem'
    print "Processing shapefile: %s" % ctour
    grass.run_command('v.in.ogr', dsn=shp_path, output=ctour, type='line', overwrite=True)
    grass.run_command('g.region', flags='p', vect=ctour, overwrite=True)
    grass.run_command('v.to.rast', input=ctour, output=ctour, type='line', use='attr', attrcol='level', overwrite=True)
    grass.run_command('r.surf.contour', input=ctour, output=dem_tile, overwrite=True)
    print "Completed creating raster tile: %s" % dem_tile

If you save the script as "shp_to_dem.py" then you could loop thru the the shapefiles in a directory and pass each to this script with something like (on Linux):

for s in *.shp; do python shp_to_dem.py $s; done

Maybe this will get you started.

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