Would anyone have any input as to where I could find a table/shapefile/feature class that describes the intersection type of roads? I've looked into TIGER roads, StreetMap premium, OpenStreetMap tables. Specifically looking for "street-light", "4 way stop", etc.

If such a database even exists.

  • radouxju has already given a specific answer, but I was going to mention that the only place I've ever seen this kind of data was a the local municipal level (city/county), particularly their transportation or streets maintenance departments, or as part of proprietary datasets used for traffic navigation. More limited forms from crowd-sourced data - I know someone with a Garmin streets gps that pulls location data of red-light cameras from somewhere and integrates them as points with vicinity warnings. – Chris W Apr 28 '14 at 23:31

Navteq-here does, but it is quite expensive. You can download a sample on their site to make sure it is what you want. I think TeleAtlas also does.

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