To view, edit and save in postgis geometries using OpenLayers + Geoserver what is recomenadado use GeoJSON or serivços WFS? I ask this for performance and additionally want the edition is recorded in the database realtime.


Even if you read the features as GeoJSON, I think you probably need to use WFS-T to modify features.

WFS-T allows you to add, delete and update WFS features. GeoServer supports WFS-T.

Boa Sorte!

  • I understand, I'm also reading about the rest api geoserver with which I can add, delete and update my features. Among geoserver WFS-T and rest api which has the best performance? What is recommended for a small amount of data will be around a 30 shapes most type point the biggest one containing about 500 feições.Sendo that these data are not changed very often, longer queries that change. – csf Apr 30 '14 at 12:11

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