I'm pretty new in QGIS and i'm searching a drawing tool like it is possible to find in microsoft word or excel. I search something very user friendly (for dummies!) to add circles, arrows, lines... with no need to create a new layer!!

Can you help me?


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NOTE the plugin referenced below is no longer maintained. The QGIS plugin site suggests using the CAD Digitize plugin instead (as of January 2018).

There's the Rectangles Ovals Digitizing plugin that does just that and the shapes you create are saved in a layer (start editing that layer first).

Rectangles Ovals Plugin screenshot

It allows you to draw Rectangles, Squares, Ovals and Circles.

But I'm not sure about a plugin for arrows and other diagram type object. Those can be added in the Print Composer Layout, there is a separate toolbar for that.

print composer toolbar for shapes

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    CADDigitize is not supported by QGis 3+
    – FredFury
    Nov 10, 2020 at 14:09

In the plugins menu, search for Qdraw (in the not installed tab, or in the installed tab if you might already have it...). Will save to a memory layer, need to name the shapes you draw.

  • For QGIS3, I've found QDraw to be a good reliable alternative to the old Rectangle, Circles plugin from QGIS 2.x. The added functionality of it creating the shapes on a virtual layer is really useful if you need to temporarily cut an area.
    – alanajones
    Jul 29, 2019 at 10:31

As for the arrows, you would probably need to create a shapefile layer in which you draw a line for the arrows you want.

You can either do this: Link

or you can just style the line as you wish and combine it with a 'symbol' line over it. You can set '>' as arrow ends, and select to only display one symbol at the end of the line.

Example: Circulation plan with simple arrows

First option is more for a a series of arrows, individual ones you could style using the second option.


Draw grid in QGIS over a map using OSM overpass server, see my repository on github : https://github.com/waelhammoudeh/mk-grid It is not point and click, but I hope somebody will find it useful.

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