How do I make ECW files work in Quantum GIS on my Ubuntu 14.04?


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If you don't mind installing gvSIG like I did on my Linux Mint, you will be able to read ECW files and then export them as TIFF. I had no problem reading these new TIFF's in QGIS.


By now, wating for ubuntuGIS repository updating for "trusty", I'd advise this procedure (python must be already installed):

  1. Download (after "sign up") the SDK 5.0 from here;
  2. Be careful to the licence;
  3. Install/compile the SDK in a directory (e.g./usr/local/ecwjp2_sdk);
  4. Download GDAL/OGR source from here;
  5. Install/Compile GDAL with the following syntax:

    .`/configure --with-python=yes --with-ecw=/usr/local/ecwjp2_sdk`
  6. Install Qgis from standalone version or from source;

That's all!!

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