Now, it is possible to edit geographic features and add elements in child tables using 1-N relationships. I want to construct a stacked - symbology which allows me to represent the multiple attributes. For example if I have a line feature "linear park" and my linear park has a linked table (1-N) called "users", i want a stacked or multi-level symbology (with some offsets) that allows me to depict all the "users" of that section of park.

Is it possible in QGIS?

I know it was possible in ArcGIS using relates.

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my collegues gave me the answer for my particular problem. Since I was using an spatialite database, it was only required to create a view between my linked tables using the spatialite gui and incorporating the view in QGIS. There I was able to assign the symbology. I think that was very smart!!


As of now, this is not possible out of the box. It might be able to achieve something with a python plugin (no promise).

However, it sounds like a very good idea that you could add as a feature request and support this with what you are able to provide (information, mockups, development time or funding).

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