I'm trying to use the Data Defined symbology in QGIS ver 2.2. Some of my data has single quotes/apostrophes.

Since the string must use single quotes, is there an escape option I can use for the field calculator or for the data defined settings field?

So, I'm trying to use something like this:

WHEN "NAME" = 'WILSON'S' THEN '0,75,224'

How do you build an expression around a string that may have a single quote or apostrophe?

Thanks. QGIS Valmiera 2.2 Windows 7 - 32 bit


Using the escaping by simply doubling the single quote works for me:

WHEN "NAME" = 'WILSON''S' THEN '0,75,224'

Double quotes in the field value don't need escaping:

WHEN "NAME" = 'WILSON"S' THEN '0,75,224'

and I'm not sure if they are allowed in field names. Surely not in shapefiles.

Works at least on Windows.

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