I am editing vertices in polygons and points in ArcMap 10, and realised that they only hold 3 decimal digits for the X, Y coordinates, but I would like at least 6 decimal digits. Even if I type in more digits, it gets rounded up to 3. How do I change this? Thanks.


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To display more, go to editor -> options -> general tab in Arc 10.

  1. In ArcMap, open the Attribute Table of the feature class in question.
  2. Go to the field properties by right-clicking the column heading of the fields in question (one at a time) and selecting Properties
  3. Click the box that looks like this [...] next to Numeric and set the rounding.

it doesn't actually round. It just displays that way.


May be the problem has already been solved. I was facing the same problem and today I fixed it in this way Customize--ArcMap options---Data view---round coordinates to (select from drop down).I put 6 and that worked.

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