Trying to load the service http://gis.ktimanet.gr/wms/ktbasemap/default.aspx and receives the message Could not understand the response. The wms provider said: Could not get WMS capabilities: error occurred while parsing reference at line 5 column 179 This is probably due to an incorrect WMS Server URL. Neither in http://gis.ktimanet.gr/wms/ktbasemap/default.aspx?SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities I have result.I never had a similar problem again with this service into something so simple

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The web site for the online user is not the same adress as for the WMS service.

Following the last link on the entrance page https://www.ktimanet.gr/CitizenWebApp/Entrance_Page.aspx to https://www.ktimanet.gr/CitizenWebApp/Orthophotographs_Page.aspx I found this address:


which works in QGIS as WMS service.

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