My work has recently set up QGIS to access an Esri file geodatabase on a shared drive for my co-workers.

I have not used QGIS much, but I have encountered an issue where the annotation feature classes are displayed as a polygon instead of text. The geometry type of all the annotations are shown as 'MultiPolygon' when a vector layer from the geodatabase is added to QGIS. When the annotations are added to ArcMap, they appear as they are meant to - as text.

Am I doing something wrong?



It's not really a QGIS limitation.

If you are loading the FileGDB into QGIS, it in turn is using GDAL, which in turn is using ESRI's FileGDB API which does not support Annotation Feature Classes amongst other things.

You could ask ESRI to expand the functionality of their API... Or consider seeing what the feasibility of hiring a developer (or if you got the skills, attempt it yourself) to implement that into the OpenFileGDB driver for GDAL.

Often when loading the Annotation Feature Class into QGIS, it can make use of the attributes for labelling (font type, size - in metres or points, rotation, etc...) and you can just adjust the styling of the polygons to no fill and outline.

  • That makes sense, but labeling and changing the fill and outline does make annotations somewhat difficult to use for someone not familiar with the software.
    – Adam Thom
    May 12 '14 at 18:33

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