I have a GPS time series with a set of lat/long coordinates per second, how would you go about identifying circuits/loops in that GPS track?

To the layman, it seems like something that should be possible, but I suspect it could just as well be a tremendously complicated problem.


The way to do this is to turn your tracklog into a line, this might help. Then you can detect self-intersections in the line using topology. The logic for this is for there to be a loop the line must cross itself at some point.

Links are for QGIS, which I assume you are using to view your PostGIS data; if you're not it doesn't cost much (it's free) and does a lot of things, it would be worth the download.

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You have to perform map-matching of your GPS data on the road/bike topological network. Then you can check if the resulting path contains circles using standard graph analysis method.

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