i use the SQL-API as described in here:

And i find the following issues undocumented:

  1. How many requests per second can i send to the SQL-API, before the user gets slowed down/blocked? I would like to throttle myself and also make calculations, how long those requests will take.

  2. How many statements can be put in a batch? Or is this purely a limit on the POST request? Whatever fits in the POST request, will be executed?

Does anybody know or can clarify?

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This information is available under the Terms and condition page.

You agree that use beyond two million requests (tiles or data requests), including, but not limited to, requests that result from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, within a thirty day period will be considered Excessive Use. You may be responsible for additional fees for Excessive Use as described above.

Also, there is a max number of WRITE SQL statements per API call: 10,000 rows or 1GB of data (payload of a SQL API call); and a max number of API Calls:

FREE 1 every 10 seconds


ENTERPRISE 5 per second

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