Follow up question to QGIS Model Builder Script - Possible to merge layers in a folder?

I think I'm missing something very obvious here but can't seem to find it. After merging shapefiles in a folder, I would like a grid to be created. However, I am unsure how to call the result of the merged file into the grid function.

## Test=name
## Select_Directory=folder
## cellsize=number 1000
## grid=output vector

import os
import glob

output = glob.glob('./*.shp')
Layer_0 = output[0]

processing.runalg("saga:mergeshapeslayers",  Layer_0, ";".join(output))    
processing.runalg("qgis:creategrid", cellsize, cellsize, 24108, 18351, 258293, 665638, 1, 'EPSG:7405', grid)

Processing already has a tool to create grids from an input layer. I therefore suggest to create a model using your join tool followed by the grid creation tool.

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