I'm trying to use r.viewshed and have got Grass installed but can't find it anywhere! under toolbox, I click 'Grass commands (152 geoalgorithms) and have a choice of imagery, raster, vector, etc, etc. under raster I have a long list of tools, but no r.viewshed... anyone know where I'm going wrong?


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r.viewshed is a GRASS GIS 7 module and an add-on module for GRASS GIS 6.x (AddOns/GRASS 6) and the 6.x version is used in the GRASS commands(159 geoalgorithms:

In QGIS 2.2:

enter image description here

In one of the master's version of QGIS (2.3.x) (with GRASS GIS 7 installed):

enter image description here

enter image description here

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